strategy Services

Education Consultancy

The aim of learning should be changing behaviour within an organisation. To do this properly, a needs analysis needs to be conducted so business outcomes can be identified and training can be designed appropriately.

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desk Services

Bespoke eLearning

By using an appropriate mix of instructional design, visual treatment and interactivity, learners can be delivered content which has them critically thinking about problems and giving them the confidence to immediately use their new skills. Bespoke content can be developed specifically for desktops or for ‘learners on the go’, a fully responsive mobile ‘Learning App’.

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talk Services

Social Learning

Employees learn more informally than through mandatory training provided by organisations. By putting a social learning strategy in place, learners will have the tools to share their knowledge and support others within the workplace.

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gamification Services


Gamification elements can be added to learning in several different ways. Gamified modules can increase engagement and personal competitiveness, motivating learners to collect as many points or achievements as possible and learning from their mistakes.

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blended Services

Blended Learning

By infusing a mixture of printed, digital and social modules with your face-to-face training learning can become more learner centred, allowing individuals the opportunity to explore information at their own pace.

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micro Services

Micro Learning

All learners are time poor. By chunking content and using digital bites, learners will be less likely to experience cognitive overload and will be able to locate information ‘just-in-time’, when they need it.

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social Services

Learning Portals

Learning can be conducted through a variety of mediums, depending on what you are trying to achieve. These include formal online learning through an LMS (e.g. Moodle/Totara), offline through xAPI (Tin Can), an interactive story through WordPress or even ‘just-in-time’ training through a Learning App.

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corporate Services

Corporate Communications

Whether you need an infographic designed, an interactive diagram, a video or another type of corporate communication, it should be well thought out and considered as another piece of learning material.

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