Why I created this eLearning calculator…

I decided to create an eLearning calculator for anyone who wants to get an indication of how much their face-to-face training currently costs.

Since starting my own freelance business I have received quite a lot of eLearning enquiries. I love being in the position where I can choose the next project I take on. If I feel I wouldn’t be proud enough to show the project in my portfolio, I usually don’t take it on. I feel strongly about designing and developing excellent adult learning experiences which drive behavioural change.

Of course, everyone who contacts me wants a good great value for money. So, I frequently hear the sentence “we don’t have much to spend” from clients.

I recently had a client use my quote calculator and when I did a follow-up, it transpired that they had an unachievable budget. The question that I asked was “did you costings for this training or were you given this budget?”. I advised the client that they could probably do some high-level calculations to see how much their current face-to-face training was costing them. So, if they had difficulty finding someone to take on the project, they may be able to negotiate a larger budget.

I hope this tool helps you get a better idea of the savings that can occur when moving face-to-face content to a digital learning experience.

How can I help you?

I can offer you a variety of services which can help you to identify if a stand-alone eLearning module or blended option are right for you.

Feel free to contact me for a quote or for some consultation using the links below.

Cath Ellis

About Cath Ellis

Cath Ellis is an eLearning Instructional Designer and Developer from Melbourne, Australia. Cath specialises in Articulate Storyline, Adapt and Evolve authoring tools and Totara LMS. Cath is passionate about Gamification, Mobile Learning, Augmented Reality and Virtual Learning.

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