iDesignX Impact Award

Best Explainer Video

The iDESIGNX IMPACT AWARD focuses on the talented design, development and production capability, relevant to the creation of a short (60 seconds – 5 min) ‘Explainer Video’ that was customised for an enterprise and used as a tool to engage employees and support learning/training.

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Learning Seat

Innovate with Purpose Award Winner

“Always thinking of alternative and creative solutions with e-Learning trends and current & future technology in mind, Cath continuously seeks and voices improvements and solutions for our business in the course development, marketing and client engagement spaces.”

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Learning Seat

Shaping the Future Award Winner

“Taking risks is not something that Learning Seat is naturally very comfortable with even though measured risk is essential for pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box and driving innovation. Cath is one of the few people we have brave enough to do this and, in her commitment to excellence, stand up for what she believes even when others might not agree.”

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